ZeeBest Mining T-Shirts On The Planet!

When Paul Ross contacted me asking if he could "borrow" a few of my Mining Images I was a bit hesitant in the reply until I discovered their usage.  Paul wanted to have the images incorporated into a T-Shirt design that he would then sell to the public with proceeds from sales going to the SickKids Foundation (Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto that supports research into Pediatric Illnesses).  So I sent a few images off to him  for approval and he then fired them off to his designer Tony Hogue of www.tonyhogue.com (Kickass Designer).  Several months later I am walking the 2013 Canadian Mining & Industrial Exposition show here in Sudbury and I came across Paul's booth featuring all the designs, clothing and cellphone cases.  (The cellphone cases are badass!).  Go stop by and pick up a few items (especially the ones featuring my images) and support Paul and Sick kids.  You can also see him at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins later next month.

To read more about Paul Ross and ZeeBest T's on the Northern Ontario Business Website

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4 Responses to ZeeBest Mining T-Shirts On The Planet!

  • Hello, your "pop-up" ad in the Timmins Times web-site indicates you deal with EMS t-shirts/images.   If that is the case, would you please send me some info on those shirts.

    Thank You


    • Hello Mike. I donated some images to be used for some shirts and and cellphone cases.  I know his site is in maintenance mode at the moment.  Paul will be at the Timmins Mining show next week.

  • I would like more info on the truckers t shirt. It is a wonderful project you are doing and wishing you all the best.

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