“You sweat a lot.” |Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Some environments I work in are hot.  Really hot.  That type of hot that makes the perfect day on the lake.  Here though in Cuba with an abundant source of humidity, the heat is wet and never ending, ever relentless.   While photographing these two gents I heard the comment “You sweat a lot” quite a few times.  I actually didn’t think I could perspire so much in such a short amount of time.  It brought me to an aspect of my photography that I have not yet experienced, working while wet without even swimming.  By the end of our trip I felt like I acclimated somewhat by getting through a whole day without having to ring out my socks.  In the end I used the light source  that was creating this humid sunny weather as my main light only adding a few kicker lights when they were needed.  I hope my future shoots across the seas are during the Winter months so I can freeze a few weeks before and thaw out throughout the trip.  Who am I kidding, bring on the heat.

Luckily my photoshoot partner in crime Gretchen gave me this water absorbing headband (which I still wear) to save my eyes from getting water logged.

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