Why Does The Underground Photographer Step In Front Of The Camera? | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Like everything in the Mining Industry production is always moving forward and is counted down to the minutes, so when you have a tight timeline to create a specific photograph you need to be on point to get the job done fast & efficiently.  When you waste your clients time by testing your camera angles, lighting and exposure while your subjects are standing there watching, you are also wasting away your professionalism and company brand.  When you know your equipment inside and out, when you know your surroundings above ground or under and when you know what the finished image is supposed to look like you should be as streamlined as the job you are photographing.  This is why you will sometimes see me in my own images like the one below where I am taking light meter readings for the scene.  Once I have everything in place, the exposures are defined, the composition is determined and I have tested the “scenario” by introducing myself as the subject, only then will I bring in the main subject  for the final exposures.  This way they are only in front of my camera for seconds and to them the shoot is fast and efficient.

“hoist winch set up for shaft deepening”

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