The Modern Mining Pipe Cleaner | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I photographed the recent installation of the new Scipsa System (pronounced Sip-sa System) which is created by Joe Palmer here in Northern Ontario.  SCIPSA SYSTEM is the latest innovation in corrosion control and pipe management systems for industries who implement grooved-end mechanical pipes throughout their facilities. It does this through a patented innovative application of sacrificial anodes and coupled with the ability to track, manage and maintain every pipe system within a facility, regardless of how big or small it may be.  So what does that mean?  It means your company can save money on repair costs on pipes, extend the pipe life expectancy which in turn will have less production downtime due to pipe failure.  Traditionally, pipe systems are installed and not given a second thought…until they fail. By implementing SCIPSA SYSTEM’S innovative principle, you will be taking a pro-active approach that will protect and prolong the life of your piping infrastructure.  For more information check out

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