The Covergalls Of Mining

No not Cover Girls. Covergalls. A specifically designed garment for women in the mining/industrial industry to ensure a safer and more enjoyable work experience.  I had the opportunity to photograph these eye catching garments at their product launch at the Women In Trades Event hosted at Verdicchio's New Event Space here in Sudbury, On.
No two women are made alike. Then why should they be expected to work in cumbersome and ill-fitting clothing? After years of consultation with industry women and exploring various patterns, materials and special features, the Covergall went from abstract design to final product. “Finally, something that fits properly,” many women say after trying on the Covergall for the first time.  Covergalls is inspired by the female mining experience but designed for women employed in many other industries. Covergalls is proudly Canadian. The garments are designed in the mining hub of Sudbury, Ont. and manufactured by LH Workwear Products in Montreal, QC. (wording Taken from the Covergalls Website, designed by Fuel Multimedia)

You can read another writeup on Covergalls over at the Mining Supply News website here.

mining ontario
Check out for more information on their new and upcoming product lines.


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