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It doesn’t matter what the subject is, how basic the object might be or how boring the situation is, a Professional Photographer can and should be able to create the best image possible for their clients.  With an extensive background in Portrait photography over the years I have had the opportunity to use many different forms of photography equipment,  and when it comes to location lighting I have always had the same opinion…………light is light.  I have used expensive monolights with power packs and light modifiers to $20 flash units I bought off of ebay.  The quality of the light has always been the same.  The only difference I found between the two was the amount of cursing that came out of my mouth when they came crashing to the ground when someone knocked over the light stands.  

Looking at the images, it’s hard to tell what type of equipment was used to create it and the truth is, it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is the quality of the image and how it will work with your marketing materials. 

Hire a professional photographer, see the difference.

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