The Boss Of Rock | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Getting up close and personal with my subjects is key to drawing the viewers attention to a specific part of your image.  I will watch the motion of the machine, the angles of its components and how the shadows and highlights interact with the equipment as I walk around taking in the environment we have placed it in.  A good image can make or break your marketing material and the copy and image have to be relevant to each other or both will lose your customers attention.  The main focus of this image is the Hydraulic Breaker in the foreground which is up front in your face while the rest of the machine takes a bit of a backseat but still ads foundation to the image.  This is the same formula you should be using for your copy and marketing material.  The image is upfront and in your face grabbing the viewers attention and the accompanying text should support and be relevant to the image.    It’s a dynamic duo.  

When prospective clients are walking through the trade show floors, one dynamic image can grab their attention from across the room which means one more person at your booth for your sales people to interact with and make that client connection. 

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