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It’s 2018 and now is the time to refresh your marketing material content and this includes PHOTOGRAPHY.  I spent a lot of time in 2017 looking at companies websites, trade shows, social media and annual/quarterly reports and there is still a vast majority using mundane stock photography for all their marketing materials.  I am all for stock images when you are in a pinch and need 1 or 2 generic images, but when everything is done with stock, you can tell as you don’t relate to the content as much.  Sounds like bullshit right?  Well, it’s not and I am not being biased because I am professional photographer.  The truth is your prospects and investors can relate to your marketing content easier when there is familiarity used in the material.  This helps them retain the information faster, easier, and longer.  

One full day photo shoot can yield you custom high impact images to be used throughout the year in all your materials, website, and social media and guarantee that the photo reflects the written content you are providing to your customers and at the same time maximize your return on investment.  In the end, the photos I create for you will pay for themselves several times within the year.


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