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One last check over the spec sheets before fabrication begins to ensure maximum efficiency.  Measure twice cut once.

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A Picture Is “NOT” Worth A Thousand Words

It could however be worth THOUSANDS of dollars. When you are trying to showcase your product, process, or facility words can only go so far to paint the picture.   The more visual insight you can give your clients is never a bad thing but I do see a lot of mistakes when industry companies use photography to promote.  Mistakes like using amateur photos from cell phones or old outdated photographs.  Even using stock photography with people and products that have nothing to do with the company.

Your marketing material should be constantly updated and this includes the images used to promote your company.

Lighting, composition and adding employees can increase the impact of a photo.

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Update your photography for your website and marketing materials on a regular basis

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Which image do you think has more impact for marketing materials?

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I get asked a lot of times how my images are being used with mining/industrial companies.
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Excore Drill Bits Are In Good Hands

I had the opportunity to photograph the new line of Atlas Copco Excore Drill bits while I was in Kirkland Lake.  The new Excore bit line is a combination of the best of decades of experience from previous diamond bit ranges and the latest in manufacturing and metallurgy techniques


10 reasons why companies hire James Hodgins Sudbury Mining Industrial Photographer


Morning Shift

After the morning meeting it’s time to step into the office for the day at this Northern Ontario Mine.



Hauling Some Paydirt

Running two Cat 770′s around the clock ensures that the more paydirt is brought to surface.

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Mining & Construction Magazine

A recent  image from my Atlas Copco shoot in Kirkland lake graced the cover of Mining & Construction Magazine.

Ontario Mining & Construction


Deep Hole Driller

Only a single operator is needed with this deep hole drill.   The control panel enables full control over drilling, which gives  the driller ample time to prepare equipment and empty core barrels.



Running The Line

This 2 man crew stack hundreds of product every few minutes to be shipped around the globe.  Like an assembly line in any product factory, the fast pace makes the workday go by fast……….so they say.



Getting Your Hands Wet.

A Senior Environmental Analyst takes a water sample to determine the water chemistry.

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Underground In Ontario

While I was photographing underground for Nordex Explosives (with Signature Group) I took the opportunity to create a quick portrait of Aaron in his work uniform.

sudbury photography mining

The response from the miners and industrial workers about the images I created for them is amazing, some being underground for more than 10 years and have never had a picture of them at work.

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Why Hire James Hodgins?

Stock Photography Or Not?

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I recently received an email inquiring the use of some of my images for a companies marketing materials and within the email was a common sentence I usually see "We have done an exhaustive search of the stock photo sights and are coming up short". Read More

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