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The Bigger Bucket | Mining Photographer

Depending on the environment you see it in, the bucket from a dragline can look pretty small when you compare it to the beast it’s attached to, but when you get up close and personal with it (like doing repairs) you quickly realize it’s a giant among men.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
Sudbury Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


Artistic Or Profitable

In the Mining/Industrial fields there is a fine line between an artistic and profitable image that companies use.  With image editing software at everyone’s fingertips I am noticing a lot of images that are “over processed” in post editing.  Anyone can do it, usually it’s a click of a button in any editing software or phone app.  Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, heck I have some images in my portfolio that some consider over processed (and I agree) but these images were used for a specific purpose and 90% of the time are used for my own personal motives.

What I am seeing though is entire websites with over processed, painterly, HDR images.  These might look great and I know they look amazing on your walls as an “art piece”  but it does draw away from what the image actually represents which should be an accurate depiction of your products, staff, processes and facilities when placed in your website galleries and marketing material.  Stick with the basics of good lighting, exposures and subject matter and you can’t go wrong.

ontario industrial photographer
Artistic plugin added. Great for personal use but not for marketing materials.

ontario industrial photographer2

Sudbury Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.



My Mining Best of 2015

Cleaning my archives out for 2014 I thought I would post my favorite photo I posted from each month.  I had a great year re-connecting with past clients and starting some strong business relationships with new clients.


I created this photo specifically for this caption.  Taken in Kirkland Lake Ontario

mine safety ontario canada


The Official Opening of Vale’s Totten Mine Sudbury


Another Cover Shot For Mining & Construction Magazine.


Cover image for Modern Mining & Technology


Covering the Northern Mine Rescue Competition


Photographing for Dumas


Photographing for Ledcor




Photographing Vale’s Bee’s


Being a part of the Dumas Crew again.

mining photography timmins

Take Your Kid To Work Day



Kicking off the end of the year working with New Client Joy Global


Thanks to all my past clients.  Looking forward to this years operations.



See You In 2015

It’s been a great year working with everyone and I have enjoyed the images I have created for you throughout the past year. Looking forward to working with new and existing clients throughout 2015.
I have been waiting to post this image I  created last year and thought today would be the perfect time.  Happy New Year Everyone.  James

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer


Mining The Green Gardens

The other side of the mining/industrial sectors I like to photograph is the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Land Reclamation Projects.  This is a side that most people do not think exists but I have photographed these projects for all of my major clients.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer

Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.
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Totten Mine Sunrise | Sudbury Mining Photographer

As my friend and I were on our way to an early morning hunt today we had to stop and back up so I could capture this sunrise photo of Totten Mine  with my cellphone (yes, I don’t bring my camera when I hunt).

Sudbury Totten mine sunrise

Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


Mining Life Magazine

Just received the latest edition of Mining Life & Exploration News Magazine, another industry magazine that takes pride in the images they put on the cover (yes, that was a shameless plug).


Mining industrial Sudbury photogapher is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


Are You Taking A Picture Or Are You Creating A Portrait?

If you are going to take the time to take a picture why not spend a few extra minutes and create a portrait?  Portrait lighting doesn’t have to be complicated.  You can even create stunning images with just one light.  Once you have the basic fundamentals of portrait lighting, stunning portraits can  take no more than 3 minutes to create (Not including equipment setup).  I created the below portrait of Mike as a Thank You for helping me out during my shoot yesterday and I also showed him the difference between good lighting and “snapshot” lighting. Can you get a nice image with on camera lighting?  Sure you can, but why settle for nice?  Create something unique, hone your skills and give your clients something they will enjoy to look at and share with others.



Mining industrial photographer James Hodgins  is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.

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