Photography = Brand | Brand = Quality

Most of the time I find myself on sites above and below ground where the color white is very seldom clean, let alone clinic quality clean. Another part of my job is photographing my clients products big and small to be showcased on a neutral background for their website or product catalog.  It’s a tedious task with multiple lighting scenarios, sometimes in cramped spaces or dark underground passes but the end result “especially on a high key white background” speaks volumes when the final image/product is finished.  If you are showcasing your products, there is one of two ways of doing it.  1. you show the product in it’s element doing it’s job or 2. you isolate the product like the image below.  Either way the final image needs to look PROFESSIONAL.  If you are using your cell phone or employee DSLR to take a snap in your showroom or parking lot, you are doing yourself, your company, and your product a disservice.   Consistency is what your clients want to see, not just in your product, but in your companies brand.


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