One Light Will Never Be The Same

Underground is dank, dirty and dark.  For those that work in this environment you know what I mean.  It’s a harsh environment to begin with and using electronics has it’s own pitfalls.  Camera & lighting equipment take a beating!!!  In some places it’s like a constant dust storm.  You can see the dust particles reflecting in the light from your helmet lamp, creeping their way into all the little nooks and crannies of your camera and lenses.  Other places its’ humid & wet with rain dropping on you from above soaking your clothes and  gear.  Then there is the soup (as I would like to call it).  That pancake batter like mud that once it’s on it doesn’t come off.  You can try wiping it clean, but all it does is move around like a living organism trying at all costs to avoid the human contact.    Once it dries it’s like a zombie horror movie.  Flakes fall off here and there and every time you look at it your disgusted.  Yes.  Some lights will never be the same.



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