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This is an image I did years ago but had to resurect it from the files.    I lost the rubber boot from one of my tripod legs in the grate on the floor.  I bet it's still there somewhere.

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Mining Photos by James Hodgins

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2 Responses to Mine Photos Photography

  • Nice work and like your Crappy v Snappy campaign. I've been trying to do that for ages but find I have clients breathing down my neck so hard that I feel guilty about wasting their time doing the before shot.  I obviously need to ignore them for those brief moments.

    A hint for the tripod on the grated floors.  Manfrotto used to have Snow Boots available for their tripod legs.  While they allow for some tripod flex at the foot.  I find that that also helps absorb the vibrations that often come through those floors. 


    • Hey Thanks Chris.  You wouldn’t know where I could find them or what ot look for in google eh?  Also, great website and work you have on there.  It’s nice to see another Mining/Industrial photographer pushing out some top knotch work!!!!!

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