Maybe you should hire a Mine Photographer

Oh sure, you can do your own photography, but would you let a photographer run your scoop?  A Jackleg?  Maybe weld something?  No?  Then why do you "think" you can take  high impact photos?  Because of photoshop?  Your expensive camera?  Instagram?  The app on your iphone does some cool stuff?    A scoop has a gas, brake and steering wheel right?  Well I know how to drive, but there are loads of factors that also go into the process of operating a scoop, just like there are loads of factors that are involved in creating high impact images for you company.

Mining Photos by James Hodgins

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Why Hire James Hodgins?
Home Safe Video
I had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with this project coordinating the stills and lighting for the video.
Stock Photography Or Not?
stock photos of mines

I recently received an email inquiring the use of some of my images for a companies marketing materials and within the email was a common sentence I usually see "We have done an exhaustive search of the stock photo sights and are coming up short". Read More