Light Is Light Even In The Underbelly Of The World.

When you have total darkness and I mean where there is no light at all so when you hold your hand 2 inches from your face you still don’t see jack you really don’t need all that much light to illuminate things.  I find a lot of photographers (and other people in the photography/industrial industry) have a misconception when it comes to equipment needed vs equipment ego.  Learned many moons ago after testing, reviewing and practicing that light is light.  One flash or strobe does the same thing as any other light source, it illuminates.  I get many emails and messages from other people asking which equipment they should buy and I tell them all the same thing………….”it’s not about the equipment, but how you use it.”   If you ask me how much each of my flashes cost I will tell you under $50.  Yup.  Oh I have expensive lights that I have bought years ago that costs thousands of dollars but over the years I have noticed 1 key factor with them and that is they do the exact same thing as my $50 flashes.    The only difference is the googaws.  Googaws – the little bells & whistles that come with newer equipment that do nothing different if you know what you are doing.  Just like my $50 flashes, they do exactly what is needed, they flash. 

When looking at Professional photography one should look for the end product result, the experience the photographer created while on site, the professionalism and lastly the cost.   

Another thing I consider working in these harsh environments is  just that……………..the environment.  My equipment takes a beating and I do go through flashes on a regular basis, not because they die on me, but because the environment quickly does away with them.

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