The Simple Headshot

Like everything else in the world it has to be fast, it has to have quality, and it has to be affordable.  The same goes for your companies head shots (Business Profile Image). Sometimes though you just cant get a good quality,  fast head shot for the right price.  

Well, I am here to tell you that it’s easy to nail down all three.  It really is. Business portraits are very very simple.  Where most setbacks happen is with the quantity of staff, like when you have 50+ people.  In the corporate world time is money, and most people don’t wish to be away from their work for more than a few minutes as it interrupts their production.

(cropped to 90×90 pixels for Company Directory)sudbury-professional-headshots-photography

Luckily after 20+ years photographing all varieties of business portraits I have come to streamline the most common,  The simple head shot.  You know, the one used for company profiles, employee badges, LinkedIn profiles, inter-office communications and so on.  I have streamlined it to the point where it will take me no more than 1 minute from the time you shake my hand to the time you leave the room (unless you stay around and chat with me). This allows me to do a higher volume of employees in a matter of hours.  You could potentially have all your staff photographed without losing any production, and it’s all done on location at the workplace.

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Professional Head Shot

  1. Your Clients want to put a face to the person they are talking to on the phone or email.

  2. Employees should look professional.  The head shot selfie they took in their office does not say that.

  3. The process will be quick and painless for all employees.

  4. They are done on site with minimal space.

  5. You wont find a better deal for the amount of time, money and energy it will save your company.

“We recently hired James Hodgins to photograph 75+ business portraits for our company.  These sessions were very efficient with minimal disruptions to our employees’ schedules.  James created an excellence experience for everyone and delivered great professional images. Our employee head shots are used for our Combined Employee Directory (CED), Outlook, Salesforce and LinkedIn Profiles.It is always a pleasure to work with James and I would highly recommend his work. “

Mariolen Hagen
Marketing Communications Project Mgr
Joy Global


Once I am done photographing your employees I will pick the best image for each person, retouch it to my standards, and either ship you the DVD or Online Drop Box the High Rez files within days.  Drop me a line and we can start discussing the best course of action to get your employees looking like they are all part of the same team.

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