“Good enough” just isn’t GOOD ENOUGH!

If you have a specialized product or service to offer to the public then why would you settle for "good enough"?  I was told by a recent fellow photographer that we are in the era of "good enough" when it comes to photography and how clients perceive it.  As a professional Mining/Industrial Photographer I feel it is my right…………..no my duty to educate the vast public and of course my future clients within the industry.  Even for something like Industrial Equipment Rental and Sales where you have hundreds of product and a fast pace turn around.  You don't have have every product photographed professionaly but why not your best sellers or your recent additions to the fleet?  Don't settle for "Good Enough". Your company deserves the best………..even with photography.  A professional image of a product or service will have more impact on your clientelle and thus increase purchases……………which leads to more mucho donaro.

The forklift below as captured with a smartphone which is good enough (top), someone with a very expensive camera (middle) and the bottom was by……………..me.  Good enough doesn't look good enough now.

Check out more of our mining/industrial photography at the 2013 Mining Expo Timmins

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