Mining Photos

More and more of my industrial clients are realzing that having an expensive camera will still not give them the high impact images that a Professional Photographer can create.  The camera is pretty well the smallest peice of the pie.  Lighting, composition, exposure, subject matter and even the personality of the photographer play some key roles in creating those knock out images.  Another thing to consider is the time it takes to create the image.  Most think that images like this are a "snapshot" away.  I always get something like "Oh, here's Frank working on the flux capacitor, take a quick shot of him."  I then have to explain about lighting setup and some quick planning. 

After they see the finished image they then understand the difference between a "snapshot" and a "planned portrait".

"The snapshot"

"Planned Portrait"

(These take me roughly 15 minutes to knock out depending on the situation)

There is a reason why you should leave the photography to the professionals.

Mining Photos by James Hodgins

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