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I posted this on one of my mining social networks specifically to miners. Recently I thought I would share it publicly as it really is an open letter from me about my “thoughts” on my career and the mining industry.  I am always trying to learn more, from as many people that are positive, productive, and enjoy what they do within this industry.  Here it is below.

I figured this is a great place for me to learn more from all of you, especially because we have so many different Nationalities on here that can give all of us the unique perspective of their jobs in the industry.   I enjoy my profession and I do “work” while I am on the job.  I try to create the best possible image that depicts what each and every one of you are doing. What you spend most of your days doing. I love creating portraits of you all to showcase your job and pride that most of you have for your industry. Some of you don’t know what is involved with MY job that is in your industry and my job personally to me, is to make you proud of the image I have captured. May sound cheesy, but I do take a lot of pride in the images I create for you, especially the underground portraits and I feel privileged that this is what I get do do to pay the bills and make a living, and I have worked damn hard to get here. If I didn’t love my mining photography, I wouldn’t be doing it, there are many many things I can photograph to make a living besides mining/industrial and make more money.   I truly enjoy this industry and I would like to think that my images I create help, motivate and shed some light on the industry that others might not know too much about.    I enjoy the challenges my job has and the lessons learned after each trip that will make the next session better than the last.  I have been doing this for over 20 years but I am always open to learning more and I ask a lot of questions while I am on the shoot so that I get to know more about the person I am photographing.  The majority of underground miners I talk too never had their portrait done professionally and I crave to be the first to create something unique for them.  Why? So they see what I see when I look at them.  Hard workers that take pride in their skills.  If I did my job right, they now have an image that showcases themselves, their livelihood that they can show to family and friends.

It’s not just photography to me.  It’s a way of giving back to the industry that has helped me over the years.”

James Hodgins – Miningphotog


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