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Boss of the Undrouground | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I always like to see my clients use the images I create for them.  Why wouldn’t’ they?  There is a reason why companies hire professional photographers to create images for their marketing materials, websites and trade shows.  Like BTI where I photographed their Scaleboss 3d scaler at the Norcat Underground Training Facility here in Sudbury, Ontario.  When your company has a new product, procedure, personnel or heavy machinery (possibly even “ground breaking” no pun intended” You need to get it into the public’s eye and in order to do that you need imagery that is visually pleasing, has that eye catching element that gives your marketing materials “IMPACT”.  

The majority of my clients are surprised how versatile my images can be used across a variety of platforms throughout their marketing campaign.  In the end the cost for high quality professional mining industrial photography pays for itself within a single image used.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask any of my clients.


Having professional images always increase the “quality” of information presented to any website, blog or ezine article.

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The Miner | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I was finished my shoot and heading back to the vehicle when I spotted this miner about to cross my path.  “Would you like a portrait?” I asked.  “Of me?” she replied.  “You can try taking a portrait of me but there is a reason why I am behind the camera LOL” I said.  That immediately got a smile from her and I knew I had to capture it.


The Miner | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

After creating some portrait and machine work underground last week  I headed up to the mouth of the portal to finish off the session with a few more scoop images.  While Ron (the scoop operator) was waiting for me to direct the next image I looked over to see him standing/leaning against his scoop where I quickly asked him to simply move a bit more forward so I could get a better composition with the scene.  It’s a very simple image I will admit, but it works on a few different levels which makes it one of my favorites to date.

©James Hodgins


I wouldn’t make you look bad | Mining Industrial Photographer

Last week I had the opportunity of starting the photo archive for my new client Gowest Gold  along with the pleasure of having Chief Mine Geologist Rochelle as my tour guide.  As usual I always like to create an image of the people on site and especially those who are taking the time to show me around.  I hear a lot of the same responses when I ask if they would like their portrait taken and the most popular are “I hope you have a good camera”, “I have never taken a good picture” and my favorite “ugh”.  Over the years I have heard them all and I have learned to quickly squash any doubts or nervousness about the portrait. I have my ways, but the key ingredients are professionalism and personality.  I always tell them “I will never keep a bad image of you and I guarantee you will like your photo or YOU can hit the delete button on the back of the camera.” In the end, they love their images.

If your company is looking to start a Professional Photo Archive of images to be used to promote, market, record, archive and showcase your company, then contact me, James Hodgins, Professional Mining Industrial Photographer


Tuff Built for BM Metals | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Adding to their BM Metals fleet is the Tuff Built Exosphere Highway Tow able Fall Protection Anchor System which I had the chance to photograph last week while it was still parked on site.  This baby can extend to 40+ feet with multiple simultaneous  users.    Photographing mid afternoon with the sun high can be a bit of a challenge but with proper lighting and using the harsh sun to your advantage can make your subject “pop”.    Check out for all their divisions, services and products.


Planes Trains & Automobiles | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Well it’s official, I have now photographed Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  I think I fared a bit better than John Candy and Steve Martin during the course of the shoots though LOL.  Working with  to create images for their website and separate companies lead me to the train yard located in Downtown Sudbury in the Diesel Electric Services bay where I could get up close and personal the the locomotives located there.   Although I only had a specific image to create, I look forward to photographing each of the services Diesel Electric provides like mounting/demounting wheels for locomotives.


“Impact” is the end goal! – Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Impact goes far beyond the photo.  In fact, the impact of a photo can be influenced by the experience of the photography session.   Anyone can create great images, it’s really not that hard.  Impact however is something that needs to be obtained from the very beginning of the photography session and in some instances it starts with the phone call, how you communicate with your clients, how you educate them on the process, how carry yourself on site and how you prepare/present your images to your client.  The impact of the image can be amplified to your clients when they consider all these factors and not just the image alone.  Like any business, you need to behave, think, and respond like a professional.  Take the below image.  It’s not the prettiest to some, but to me I see an opportunity to create something that has visual impact by spending just a little time add the elements it needs to become a worthy image.  The difference is obvious.

(Instagram Snap)



Making Sure The Roads Are Smooth | Mining Industrial Photographer

When the Grader comes around the bend you make way.  This piece of machinery (and it’s operator) are a key component to an efficient operation.  We have all complained about the potholes in our city roads and the heavy equipment that do the damage.  Well multiply that 50+ as heavy machinery  constantly bombards the road while they travel up and down the mine hauling out pay dirt.  The Grader is the one machine that quickly and efficiently smooths out the surface of the road  throughout the day causing less wear and tear on the heavy equipment and also maintains a safe working environment.


Light Is Light Even In The Underbelly Of The World.

When you have total darkness and I mean where there is no light at all so when you hold your hand 2 inches from your face you still don’t see jack you really don’t need all that much light to illuminate things.  I find a lot of photographers (and other people in the photography/industrial industry) have a misconception when it comes to equipment needed vs equipment ego.  Learned many moons ago after testing, reviewing and practicing that light is light.  One flash or strobe does the same thing as any other light source, it illuminates.  I get many emails and messages from other people asking which equipment they should buy and I tell them all the same thing………….”it’s not about the equipment, but how you use it.”   If you ask me how much each of my flashes cost I will tell you under $50.  Yup.  Oh I have expensive lights that I have bought years ago that costs thousands of dollars but over the years I have noticed 1 key factor with them and that is they do the exact same thing as my $50 flashes.    The only difference is the googaws.  Googaws – the little bells & whistles that come with newer equipment that do nothing different if you know what you are doing.  Just like my $50 flashes, they do exactly what is needed, they flash. 

When looking at Professional photography one should look for the end product result, the experience the photographer created while on site, the professionalism and lastly the cost.   

Another thing I consider working in these harsh environments is  just that……………..the environment.  My equipment takes a beating and I do go through flashes on a regular basis, not because they die on me, but because the environment quickly does away with them.

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