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As Fall Approaches | Mining Industrial Photography

We are now in September and the Summer months are behind us. As Fall approaches companies should start thinking about their Winter marketing materials and what images they will be using to showcase their products & services.  The white stuff covering the ground marks the end to warm Summer looking images so look ahead as there is still time to create unique images for your next Season of marketing materials.

sudbury photo

James Hodgins is Sudbury Photographer servicing Canadian Companies.


Kal Tire Mining | Mining Industrial Photographer

Flipping through a recent industry magazine and came across one of my images  in use from my Kal Tire Shoot a few months ago.  With this one shoot they can now create multiple unique ads for the next 1 to 2 years.

If you require custom professional photography for your business or industry contact me to discuss a shooting plan for your required marketing materials.
James Hodgins is Sudbury Born Professional mining industrial photographer


Wide Load Coming Through! | Sudbury Industrial Photography

After the converter was fabricated and moved from Anmar the 10o+  ton titan  made it’s  journey to the Vale Smelter.  Only a few Kilometers up the highway the 3hr trip was slow moving as  power lines needed to be raised and traffic directed to ensure a safe journey.

Vale Converter Sudbury Photos
Vale Converter Sudbury Photos
Vale Converter Sudbury Photos
Vale Converter Sudbury Photos
Vale Converter Sudbury Photos

If your company is looking for photographic documentation of Professional Quality contact James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photography Specialist.  View the PROJECTS page to see samples of work created James Hodgins for National and Inter National Mining Industrial Companics


Underground Warning System | Sudbury Mining Company

I think ALL mine sites should have this system to ensure the added safety of all Mine Personnel. 

The J.A.W.S. 2 system (Jannatec Advanced Warning System) consists of a series of radio frequency transceivers attached to all underground vehicles, personnel and fixed hazards.  Mine personnel will receive a clearly visible visual warning when in the vicinity of a moving vehicle or fixed hazard. In the same way, pedestrians are quickly detected by the operators of oncoming vehicles. JAWS 2 is able to tell the operator whether he is approaching a single worker, or a group of workers.

Check out Jannatec’s other products by visiting their website at

JAWS warning system indicates a nearby pedestrian.

JAWS warning system indicates a nearby pedestrian.

James Hodgins is a Sudbury Mining Industrial photographer. Follow him @miningphotog


A Little Quality Can Go A Long Way | Mining Photographer

When your company, product, service or employees get featured in industry magazines, online articles or corporate presentations why would you send  low quality images to accompany the article?  Don’t you want to show the best your company has to offer?  Pictures may not say a thousand word but they do give your clients that first impression.   One professional photography shoot can yield enough high impact images to cover your marketing materials for up to two years.  Pennies when you think about the long term gains you can get by standing out from your competition.  Take the below example for instance, same product, different quality.

If your company is interested in hiring  me, James Hodgins Professional Mining Industrial Photographer of Sudbury, Ontario, please contact me to discuss the details of your marketing requirements.



Everything Changes At Night | Industrial Photographer

Most of my job sites are dull, grey, dirty and mundane but that all changes when the sun goes down and the lights click on.  The entire environment takes on a whole new look and sometimes it can be beautiful………… least to a mining industrial photographer.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
Sudbury photographer James Hodgins provides custom images for the Ontario Mining Industrial Industry.


Underground With Nordex | Mining Photographer Sudbury

Having the word “Explosives” in your business name makes me a bit envious.  Who wouldn’t want to say “Ya, I work with explosives” or “I blow things up.”? I enjoyed learning the process of what goes into making explosives for the mining industry.  I got a true “How It’s Made” day with Nordex Explosives.

explosives ontario photographer sudbury


James Hodgins visited Kirkland lake just North of Sudbury Ontario to photograph images for Nordex Explosives marketing materials & social media content.


Farewell Sharp Dressed Man

Sad news in the mining/industrial industry with the loss of Bob Lipic.  (President of MTI). I had the pleasure of meeting him once while I photographed for MTI.  First impressions are everything and his impression left me thinking “What a great guy.” He was very courteous, talkative and helpful.  He wanted to know all about my photography asking questions about my lighting and equipment. He even commented on my jacket I was wearing as it  had my logo on it.  I remember walking away from that shoot happier than when I went into it (and I am normally a VERY happy guy).  I wished I got to photograph more of him in the industry.  RIP Bob.


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