Norcat – A Mine For All Companies | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Did you know that has an underground center located in Sudbury Ontario?    Since the majority of my clients contract me to create images of their equipment in an underground scenario, the Norcat Underground Training Facility is an ideal location for this type of application.  From heavy equipment to software logistics there is always  a spot on  site to create/test a variety of scenarios.  I have photographed everything from scoops, lighting, software, surveying and PPE for a variety of clients over the years. 

If you or your company is looking for an underground environment that can fit your time schedules without having the difficulty of navigating a full operating mine site, then the Norcat Underground Training Facility is a perfect fit.  You can reach them at Phone 705-521-8324 or email  Ask to speak to Greg Major – Mine Manager, he and all the staff at the Norcat Facilty are amazing to work with and their professionalism and knowledge of the facility will ensure that your visit will be productive and safe.




PDAC 2018 | Mining Industrial Photographer will be there.

I’ll be attending the PDAC Trade Show this coming Monday March 5th to catch up with some of my current clients and also meeting some new clients to discuss future projects.  If you or your company are attending this event and wish for me to visit your booth, or meet at a desired location within PDAC please send me an email or Linkedin message so that we can coordinate a time for that day.    

Looking forward to seeing some old faces and meeting new ones.  See you all next week.


pdac tradeshow prospectors and developers


Raining In Las Vegas (Honduras) | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

The last evening at the El Mochito Mine in Las Vegas Honduras found me outside the mill complex waiting for the rain to stop so I can attempt to create an image.  Every time the rain slowed down I trudged my way across the complex to setup my camera and each time the rain would start up again just as I was about to press my shutter button.  Mother Nature and I did this dance a couple of times before she  let me know that she was planning on dancing all night lol.  So what do you do? Well, you get the shot anyways.  While I was taking cover under one of the other buildings across the way I noticed the rain funneling down off the metal roof catching the light and haze as it fell.  

Watch the video below for the rain conditions


It’s An Outdoor Office | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

With snowshoes strapped to his boots and a handful of electrodes,  Bruce begins his trek into the bush along the previously staked path where he will hammer each electrode into the ground before an electrical current is transmitted into the subsurface to locate subsurface materials.  

I spent the day yesterday with the CXS crew on a remote lake documenting the Induced Polarization (IP) Process they were “conducting” at the time.  It was a crisp sunny day on the lake but the environment we were surrounded by yielded some amazing backdrops for their images.



Take Stock Of The Photography You Are Using. | Mining Industrial Photographer

It’s 2018 and now is the time to refresh your marketing material content and this includes PHOTOGRAPHY.  I spent a lot of time in 2017 looking at companies websites, trade shows, social media and annual/quarterly reports and there is still a vast majority using mundane stock photography for all their marketing materials.  I am all for stock images when you are in a pinch and need 1 or 2 generic images, but when everything is done with stock, you can tell as you don’t relate to the content as much.  Sounds like bullshit right?  Well, it’s not and I am not being biased because I am professional photographer.  The truth is your prospects and investors can relate to your marketing content easier when there is familiarity used in the material.  This helps them retain the information faster, easier, and longer.  

One full day photo shoot can yield you custom high impact images to be used throughout the year in all your materials, website, and social media and guarantee that the photo reflects the written content you are providing to your customers and at the same time maximize your return on investment.  In the end, the photos I create for you will pay for themselves several times within the year.



Cold To The Core | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Just because it’s -32 degrees Celsius outside doesn’t mean we get a day off from doing our jobs.   The core samples don’t stack themselves nor do they care what temperature it is.  Photographing on site in the cold Winter months does have it’s challenges.  Equipment freezes up, batteries drain faster, and fingers go numb.  In the Summer months when I am underground at +32 degrees I wish I was topside and in the Winter months on days like today I wish I was underground enjoying the warm humid stale air.  In the end though it’s all about getting the job done and being prepared for what the environment has in store that day.  We look at the bright side here in Northern Ontario, the 4 seasons always have beauty for us to see, even if our eyeballs are frozen in their sockets.


Safety Starts With Visibility | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

If you are at the American Exploration And Mining Association Convention #aema17 at the moment, please take the time visit my friend Don at Booth 750.  Xglo led striplighting in my opinion is a great product for any mine especially in high traffic areas.  I have photographed the before/after and installation of these lights and the results are  “night and day”.  When there is high visibility at the workplace safety issues decline but don’t take my word for it, visit Don and see for yourself. Tell him I said hi.




Adding Motion to my Mining Industrial Images : Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

When I photographed the Sherp a few months ago I had been tinkering with the idea of photomotion and incorporating it into my images. During this photoshoot, I intentionally wanted to place the Sherp in water so that I could show some motion in this image later on. Well I finally had some free time to play around with it and  I think this is one of those features that you will see more from me as time goes on. Stay tuned for more motion images from @miningphotog


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