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Jumbo Driller

One of my favorite underground heavy equipment machines to photograph is the Jumbo Drill.  From every angle this machine just looks cool.  Instead of Tonka Trucks for kids, they should make Jumbo Drill Toys.

mining jumbo driller

Jumbo Drill Underground Mining


TESC Contracting Company

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the founder and CEO of TESC Contracting Company LTD. Dario Zulich at their home office in Sudbury Ontario.  TESC Contracting Company Ltd. specializes in the construction of industrial, commercial and institutional complexes, including compressor buildings, grinding plants, sandfill plants, warehouses, mill processing buildings, shopping malls, schools, arenas, and churches. TESC also handles the construction of mining and ore processing concentrators, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, bulk unloading facilities, interbattery pipelines (including bridges), and much more. The company employs 700 employees in its operations in Canada. Anywhere from 250 to 400 people are employed in Sudbury, depending on what work the company is engaged in. It has offices in Saskatoon and Hamilton.

mining photographer


Ontario Mine Rescue Team

Congratulations to the members of the Vale Mine Rescue Team who competed in the recent Mine Rescue Competition Held at Sudbury's South Mine.


During the exercise five-member teams had to extinguish a fire, find missing miners – including rescuing one being crushed by a rolling garage door and another overcome by smoke – and treat their injuries.  These rescues were conducted “under oxygen” (using self-contained rebreathing apparatus) underground. They also used rope apparatus to rescue a collapsed welder from a basket at the end of an elevated crane. (from http://www.masha.on.ca)


Rock-Tech Service Team

Last week I photographed the Service Team for the Rock-Tech Mining Services

mining service

Rock-Tech's commitment to providing premium products built for the mining industry is continually evolving. Rock-Tech is a Canadian manufacturer of equipment designed purposely for underground mining applications. Years of experience in mining applications have enabled them to engineer products that are safe, cost-effective, productive and reliable. Their customers include some of the world's largest mining companies.


Stobie Mine From The Air

An Aerial view of Sudbury Ontario's Stobie Mine.   Unless you have visited the mine or flown over it, you would never have known the size of the open pits at this site. 

sudbury mining

Mine Photos|Arieal Photography


Diamond Driller

Co-owner of  L.J Hughes & Sons Inc.exploration drilling

Diamond Driller | Mining Photographer

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