Mine Photos

Sudbury Acid Plant

This Sudbury Acid Plant well be removed and a new and improved Acid Plant will be re-created just a few feet away.  This is all in preperation with the Clean AER Project.

Clean AER Project

Sudbury Acid Plant | Mine Photographer


Smelter Ladle

Smelter Ladle hosted by the crane operator.

sudbury smelter

On another note Sudbury, Ontario Canada has been chosen  as the location for Cliffs Natural Resources Chromite Processing Facility/Smelter


Sudbury Vale Smelter

Here is a photo I did today at the Sudbury Vale Smelter.  I had to shoot through the control room window which can always be a challenge with reflections when using off camera flash to get some extra light into the image.

vale sudbury

Sudbury Vale Smelter | Mine Photographer


Industrial Fabrication

Using stock images for your marketing material or your website is  not a good idea, especially if your company is part of the fabrication process. Why not highlight your fabricated product with images of YOUR product.  I see so many companies that fail realize the impact it has on the company by using generica, standard stock images that you see everywhere on the net.  Luckily more and more companies are realizing the benefits of having custom professional photography for their company like Fuller Industrial.

plastic fabrication

Industrial Fabrication|MinePhotographer


Drilling Underground

A lone underground driller methodically advances the drillbit into the rockface.    To underground drillers, this is their office……..and solitary confinement.

Mine Photographer

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Drilling Underground | Mine Photographer


Atlas Copco ITH Company Feature

Awhile back Atlas Copco consitantly featured companies that were using their ITH drilling prodcuts, in this case Idea Drilling based out of North Virgina.  This is a great way to promote your companies product and also show appreciation for your clients.

drilling exploration

IHT Atlas Copco | Mine Photographer


Jackleg Miner

One miner looks on as another miner uses his Jackleg to secure the cage mesh.

Mining Photographer

Jackleg Miner | Mine Photos

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