Mine Photos

5th Generation Lineman

This past summer I had  the privelidge to photograph PTE. Jarred Braybrook a 5th Generation Lineman now with Hydro One.  Jarred is moving up the ranks quickly with Hydro One and I was commissioned to photograph him for a story that HO is publishing in their inhouse magazine which I will post later this month so stay tuned.


The “Naked” Truth

Can you guess what this is?  When it's stripped down to nothing but the frame it doesn't look like much, but this heavy machine is one of the backbones in the mining industry. 

This is an ongoing project to catpure the different steps in their refurbishing division where I come back every week to photograph the different stages.  If your company has a similar project or service that requires regular photography then you might be interested in one of my short term contracts.


Ontario Open Pit Mining

Sometimes just walking around a scene and trying to add layers within the image can create an interesting composition.  I managed to use nothing but ambient light for this image but I had position myself in a spot where the industrial machinery would stand out from the rockface.

mining ontario

Check me out at Mine Expo 2013 in Timmins or better yet, acquire my services for your booth's photography.


Diamond Drilling At Night

Time of day doesn't matter when you are inside the core shack.  Diamond drillers work day and night to get those core samples into the corebox and ready for inspection.

diamond drilling ontario

Check out more of our Diamond Drilling images at the 2013 Mine expo in Timmins.

Why Hire James Hodgins?
Home Safe Video
I had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with this project coordinating the stills and lighting for the video.
Stock Photography Or Not?
stock photos of mines

I recently received an email inquiring the use of some of my images for a companies marketing materials and within the email was a common sentence I usually see "We have done an exhaustive search of the stock photo sights and are coming up short". Read More