North Bay Industrial

The image below is from a recent Industrial contract located in North Bay Ontario.  This spray booth is used for  painting industrial equipment ranging in size from this custom fabricated cab (which will be added to the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser) to  30+ ft heavy duty equipment.

Industrial Photographer North Bay Ontario


Sudbury Aggregates From The Air

As I was airborn last week for some aerial photography I came across a few local aggregate sites that I though had some interesting layouts.  The aggregate process is very complex and somewhat of a science when it comes to efficient production.  Sites like these have streamlined this process to achieve maximum effeciencey in the shortest amount of time.

sudbury aggregates

Check out more mining companies at Mine Expo 2012


Testing The Airbrakes

A Service technician uses his laptop and proprietary software to perform diagnostic tests on this city bus'es air brakes.

Mine Expo Canada

Mine Expo 2013 In Timmins is just around the corner.  Acquire high impact images for your booth instead of using Stock Photos that do nothing for your companies image.


Underground Scoop

An underground miner maneuvers the scoop for another load of muck.  This heavey machinery is the backbone to transporting the product.

mining ontario
You can see more of our work at the Canadian Minine Expo In Timmins Next May


Molten Manipulation

The casting process all starts with hot molten materials which are carefully handled by a trained employee.

mining forging

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