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“Impact” is the end goal! – Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Impact goes far beyond the photo.  In fact, the impact of a photo can be influenced by the experience of the photography session.   Anyone can create great images, it’s really not that hard.  Impact however is something that needs to be obtained from the very beginning of the photography session and in some instances it starts with the phone call, how you communicate with your clients, how you educate them on the process, how carry yourself on site and how you prepare/present your images to your client.  The impact of the image can be amplified to your clients when they consider all these factors and not just the image alone.  Like any business, you need to behave, think, and respond like a professional.  Take the below image.  It’s not the prettiest to some, but to me I see an opportunity to create something that has visual impact by spending just a little time add the elements it needs to become a worthy image.  The difference is obvious.

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It’s Just Like A Furnace In There! | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Recently I had the first time opportunity to crawl into and photograph a furnace from the inside.  Recently built for Vale Sudbury Operations the rare instance of being inside one of these massive fabrications for the aspect of photographing the individuals and groups that carefully pieced it all together is another piece added to my  industry photography puzzle.

“yup, that’s me testing the scene again”

If you enjoy the images I create, if you have liked and followed my blog and social media to see what new industry images I have created and wish you had higher impact images to showcase your business or company, drop me a line, email, text and let’s talk.  Professional custom photography is an investment that is never a loss. @miningphotog


Photography = Brand | Brand = Quality

Most of the time I find myself on sites above and below ground where the color white is very seldom clean, let alone clinic quality clean. Another part of my job is photographing my clients products big and small to be showcased on a neutral background for their website or product catalog.  It’s a tedious task with multiple lighting scenarios, sometimes in cramped spaces or dark underground passes but the end result “especially on a high key white background” speaks volumes when the final image/product is finished.  If you are showcasing your products, there is one of two ways of doing it.  1. you show the product in it’s element doing it’s job or 2. you isolate the product like the image below.  Either way the final image needs to look PROFESSIONAL.  If you are using your cell phone or employee DSLR to take a snap in your showroom or parking lot, you are doing yourself, your company, and your product a disservice.   Consistency is what your clients want to see, not just in your product, but in your companies brand.



“Sometimes you wonder how the heck you managed to stay in the business this long.”

I have been very fortunate to photograph things I truly enjoy in this industry I call Mining Industrial.  Looking back over the years at the variety of images I have stockpiled I tend to think about the show “How It’s Made”.  I have seen how the diamond drill bit channels are created by hand in the factory to the finished brick of gold in my hand.  From the mechanics that keep the equipment in production to how the equipment is fabricated from scratch.   I have seen safety from the beginning of the roll of high visibility fabric to the professional mine rescue teams practising for the real deal. 

Every day I work at my business whether I am in front of the computer or behind the camera I am always striving to reach the next stage in my  photography career.  I have put in years of building up a reputation of safety, quality and efficiency that my clients know me for.  It didn’t happen over night.  I look back on my 20+ years of being a photographer and sometimes I wonder how the heck I managed to stay in the business this long.  You learn a few things as you get older and just like in everyday life I approach my photography clients the same way: Tell them the truth and give them your best.


I Have Mined A Lot Of Clients Over The Years | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

As I was looking over the guest lists for the upcoming PDAC Tradeshow I noticed a lot of familiar names that have now become my clients.  I would like to take this opportunity with this post to thank all of you for your business and support.    I have had a plan all along when I made the transition to Mining/Industrial/Commercial photography but it would not have been a success without all of you and your continued support and promotion of Mining Industrial Photographer.   It has taken me across oceans, above the ground, below the surface and in some unique and challenging environments. It is never a dull moment.   Thank You!


Fall Colors Wait For No One Underground | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

It’s already October and the Fall colors are making themselves known in the outdoors. Underground however doesn’t seem to rotate around any color spectrum except for  grey, black and dusty (I know it’s  not a color but it should be).  The end of the year is coming fast and I know what else is coming during these next few months……….last minute “crap I forgot to get these done” photo sessions.  Bring them on, I am used to it but don’t wait to long where you have to postpone it until the Spring and your marketing materials in the new year suffer due to lack of images.


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No AC In This Office | Sudbury Mining Photography

I have heard several people complain on how hot it is this Summer………………………but there is hot………….and then there is HOT!.  The Glow from the furnace put out enough ambient light for that warm glow but I needed just a little kiss of flash to balance the rest of the image.

sudbury furnace

James Hodgins is a Professional Mining Industrial Photographer based out of Sudbury Ontario Canada.


July 1st Is Your HIGH VISIBILITY Deadline | Mining Industrial Photographer

Did you know that July 1st, 2016 is the deadline for required High Visibility Safety Apparel?    That’s right, if you work in a mine after July you will be required (by law) to wear high visibility PPE.    Why am I posting this on  a photography site?  Well, you should also consider all your marketing materials and photographs you use to showcase your company.  They will no longer be relevant  in the eyes of safety standard which could look poorly on your company.   Time to update your photo library?  I know someone who can help.

Read the new amended Safety Act for the updated info


Sudbury Born James Hodgins is a Professional Mining Industrial Photographer with over 20 years experience.

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