A Shameless Plug – Mining Photographer

“James is an amazing photographer. He captured many incredible shots of our project, equipment working and our people on site.  He gave us exactly what we were looking for.  I would work with him again, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a good mining/industrial photographer.”

Kirsten Langan,
Corporate Communications Manager,

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Their Lives Are On The Line While Doing Their Job!

Just like everyone who works underground for a living. Most of us may never know the meticulous procedures and techniques that are involved in a mine rescue.  Some may think that the team simply goes underground, finds the miners and brings them back up to surface. Well, it’s far far from that.  While I was photographing the Mine Rescue Competition I was blown away by the professionalism of the competing teams, the amount of preparation involved before they step on and off site and the constant communication between teammates, mine operations and those that needed rescue.  It was exhausting just trying to keep pace with them and shoot.    These individuals put their lives on the line every time they do their jobs and after this I am glad to know who they are and what they are capable of.  I do hope that I never need their services while photographing underground or above.

mine rescue ontario


Updating Sudbury Steel

I was recently approached to photograph a steel company for some new promotional materials that are in the works.  The images they have now were created over 10 years ago and are a bit “outdated” to say the least.  If your company is constantly expanding it’s technology and processes your marketing materials should change with it.

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Booth Neglect?

When was the last time your companies trade show booth was updated?  Last year?  3 years ago? Mining Industrial conventions are right around the corner and if you are planning on updating your marketing materials for these shows now is the time to get it done.

A lot of the times my clients will hire me to provide images for their new trade show booths and convention materials.  The bigger the image, the more eye catching the booth is.  I have seen this over and over at trade shows.  The booths that have unique and visually compelling images have the trade show attendee’s walk slower past their booths, while the booths that have mundane or “stock” images tend to not get a lot of attention.

You know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words?  Well there is a reason why that saying was created.  Click HERE and see how  Eye Catching images can be used in your 2014 marketing materials.


Repetition Can Be Good

Besides photographing and creating images underground, in the shops or out in the field I also get requests to photograph the corporate portraits for the companies as well.  I try to encourage the company to get each of the portraits done at the same time to ensure that they have the same look and feel when displayed on their marketing materials.  Over and over I see websites where the companies profiles are a mixture of places, backgrounds and even quality.


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