ZeeBest Mining T-Shirts On The Planet!

When Paul Ross contacted me asking if he could "borrow" a few of my Mining Images I was a bit hesitant in the reply until I discovered their usage.  Paul wanted to have the images incorporated into a T-Shirt design that he would then sell to the public with proceeds from sales going to the SickKids Foundation (Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto that supports research into Pediatric Illnesses).  So I sent a few images off to him  for approval and he then fired them off to his designer Tony Hogue of (Kickass Designer).  Several months later I am walking the 2013 Canadian Mining & Industrial Exposition show here in Sudbury and I came across Paul's booth featuring all the designs, clothing and cellphone cases.  (The cellphone cases are badass!).  Go stop by and pick up a few items (especially the ones featuring my images) and support Paul and Sick kids.  You can also see him at the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins later next month.

To read more about Paul Ross and ZeeBest T's on the Northern Ontario Business Website


Make Sure You Have “Key” Images

Every company should have an arsenal of "key" images that they can use for Mining Magazine Covers, articles, web-articles, blog posts, tradeshows and websites.  Don't get stranded when your company get's a write-up in a magazine or freatured in a industry blog site and you have nothing but point and shoot images to accompany the write up.

Seen below Vale was written up in Canadian Mining Magazine and featured some visually appealing images to accompany the writeup.


Corporate Headshots?

Why am I posting corporate headshots on my Mining/Industrial website?  Because I am finding myself photogaphing more and more of these for my Mining/Industrial clients.  CEO's, managers, sales reps and company executives all have headshots in which they update every year or so.  Sometimes I setup my studio in their shops or offices and photograph them on site for a quicker turnaround and minimal loss of production time.  Othertimes I will use companysurroundings as the backdrop for a more "environmental" edge to the portrait.  These portraits take minutes to setup and even less time to photograph.

Here are a few


Do You Have Your 10 Key Images?

10 Key images is something that all mining industrial companies should have in their archives.  What are "Key" images you ask?  Key images are a variety of images that your company uses for media releases, magazine articles, website and company profiles.  Stay tuned to the Mining Industrial Blog for a future blog post on Key Images and why your company should have them.


Lights Camera Action

Now I know this is not a Mining/Industrial Image but I am still involved with a lot of Commercial photography that stems from my mining/industrail clients.  I create a lot of images for College Boreal with their trades department but yesteday I was there to photograph some of the new Arts department.  I just loved the colors, angles, lines and edges of the new Theater Center there and it reminded me of some of the industrial plants I photographed in the past few years.  This Theater is available for rent and is a great place for presentation and events. Drop down screens allow you to present a powerpoint show while having a picture in picture with video of the speaker.  I can see a lot of mining/industrial sectors using this theater in the future for events and presentation.



Ontario Industrial Sandblasting

An industrial Sandblaster prepares to resurface this sheet of metal which is to be used in the companies product.  "Sandblasting" is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of fine sand against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. A pressurized fluid, typically air, or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the sand.

mine photos

See more Industry Leaders at Mine Expo International In Las Vegas


Sudbury Aggregates From The Air

As I was airborn last week for some aerial photography I came across a few local aggregate sites that I though had some interesting layouts.  The aggregate process is very complex and somewhat of a science when it comes to efficient production.  Sites like these have streamlined this process to achieve maximum effeciencey in the shortest amount of time.

sudbury aggregates

Check out more mining companies at Mine Expo 2012

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