Jannatec Lighting Up The Marketing Materials

I recently received the latest product brochure from Jannatec Tenchnologies while I was visiting them last week which featured a selection of images I created for them.  I am a huge fan of “The One” lamp and I use it not only for my underground shoots but also for finding my way around the house when the power goes out.  I think however it might be time to upgrade to the TURBO!


James Hodgins is a Mining/Industrial/Commercial photographer based out of Sudbury Ontario Canada.


Honey Bees On The Mine Site

Recently I was called to action to photograph a different subject matter I normally don’t see on a mine site.  Vale has introduced a few new Bee colonies to help pollinate the already present wildflowers and  push forward the re-greening process on the site.   Learn more  by watching the CTV News Coverage

Over 500,000 bees occupy the 2 hives on site.


Wayne Tonelli (Beekeeper) and Glen Watson (Decommissioning & Reclamation)
hold up jars of honey extracted from the hives.


James Hodgins is a Mining/Industrial/Commercial photographer based out of Sudbury Ontario Canada.


My Mining Images For Sick Kids

Awhile back I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Ross of who creates and sells industry shirts to raise money for Sick Kids (See my post here).  Along with his designer and a few of my images the next creation of  the “Canadian Miners” Tshirt was born.  Check out Paul’s site, read up on Paul Ross and his cause and support Sick Kids while purchasing some custom mining apparel.

(please don’t email me to purchase the tshirts as I do not sell them via this website. Goto to purchase)




Some Commercial Stuff Too.

It’s not all mine scoops and industrial machinery that I photograph these days but a variety of commercial shoots in between.  From food photography, business portraits, industrial interiors, and commercial shoots for business’s I keep busy when I am not on the mine site.

(Interior Photography)

Rainbow Center-011
(Professional Business Portrait)

(Food Photography)

(Showcase photography for local pool business)

Don’t forget to check out the North American Mining Expo next week in Sudbury, Ontario


Miners For Cancer – Strokes For Hope

Yesterday I volunteered some time to photograph each team at the Strokes For Hope golf tournament held at Timberwolf Golf Course in Sudbury Ontario.  The NCRF hosted another great event on what looked like a cloudy stormy start but ended up with clear skies and sunshine by the end of the day.  Pictured below is the Miners For Cancer Team.

Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


This is my scoop, this is my job.

Another single portrait I created while on assignment at an Ontario mine.  It takes just a few minutes to setup and create an individual portrait like this but this miner will have this image for a very long time.  When I am contracted to cover the operations of a company the workers are just as important as the equipment and processes in showing the success of the company.

on’t forget to check out the North American Mining Expo in Sudbury Ontario next Month.  It’s still not to late to update your marketing materials with “Professional” photography


If you have lighting use it!

Even if I am photographing something as simple as a product shot or a piece of equipment, I will always try to create more impact with external lighting.  Shadows can be a good thing. They add depth to the image and give more detail to the product.  Oh, and make sure you nail down the exposure too.  Your a professional.


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