Illumination- the use of light sources | Sudbury Mining Photographer

Sometimes all the elements of a great photograph show up without being invited.  This is what I call a pleasant surprise in the mining industrial sectors and when it happens I take full advantage of it.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer



For more information on the led strip light product please email my friend Donald Bertrand – OCP Canadian distributor for Halo Lighting Solution


Mining Industrial Photographer

I do enjoy photographing underground any chance I can get but I am looking forward to working with a few new clients this Summer in some unique locations.   Each location brings it’s own challenges whether it’s lighting, accessibility, or even the subject I am shooting, but that is all part of the job. As a professional it’s not about “rolling with the punches” but rather “been there done that” which only comes with experience.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
James Hodgins is a Mining Industrial Commercial Photographer based out Sudbury Ontario, Canada.


HomeSafe Program | Sudbury Mining Photographer

A couple of months ago  I had the opportunity to create images for HomeSafe ( a new safety program Vale recently launched in the Ontario Operations).  It was amazing to see so many people come together to help create the final video and marketing materials for this one of kind safety program.  Hats off to my buddy Ryan for some great cinematography and and Conway Fraser for bringing it all together.  Also, let’s not forget Amanda Brosseau for keeping us all inline throughout this whole experience.  I enjoyed photographing each participant and spending time with each of  their families.  This video really hit home.

 I invite you to watch it and see for yourselves.  Click here and watch the first video on the page



It’s always hotter in Cuba | Mining Photographer

It’s Monday morning and even though the sun was out all weekend I still daydream of warmer weather.  When I captured this image in Puerto Escondido Cuba it was a cool 32 degrees and about 80% humidity.   I was thankful for auto focus because the sweat kept dripping into my eyes blurring my vision.

sudbury photographer mining canada


While on location in Cuba James Hodgins a Sudbury Photographer created images for an international Oil & Gas company to be used for their Annual Reports and Investor Relations materials


This Mining Photographer Takes A Shameless Selfie

While on location last week James Hodgins (Mining Industrial Photographer) took a few seconds to quickly capture this Selfie while no one was looking.  When later asked “why” he took the image his reply was “To see how the Halo lights would illuminate the scene”.  Sources close to him revealed that the Sudbury based photographer will use himself as the subject for his test shots but some skeptics think he takes these selfies so that he can post shameless plugs on his Mining Industrial Website.  Either way, the lighting is flattering.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
James Hodgins is  Sudbury Photographer servicing the Mining Industrial Sectors of Canada


Lighting The Way To Mine Safety – Sudbury Mining Photography

Yesterday I was on location with Donald Bertrand of HALO CANADA to photograph the installation of Halo Led Lights (#halocanada) in the Norcat Facility here in Sudbury Ontario.  The LED lighting increases illumination which makes the working area more safe, reduces energy costs, increases worker moral and is easy to install.  I was very impressed with how much this product illuminated the area we were working in as you can see by the photos below.  For more information on this product please email my friend Donald Bertrand – OCP Canadian distributor for Halo Lighting Solution

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer

James Hodgins is a Sudbury based professional Mining Industrial Photographer


Heating Things Up – Sudbury Ontario Industrial Photographer

I enjoy photographing all aspects of the industrial industry.  I sometimes describe my job to others as the “How It’s Made” TV show but with photography as over the years I have photographed many products from start to finish.  It’s fascinating to see something created from a raw material to finished  functioning product.

If your companies photography has not been updated in the past year, or you have new products, people, or facilities that need to be showcased I might be able to help.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
James Hodgins is a Professional Mining Industrial Photographer based out of Sudbury Ontario Canada.


Safety First | Mining Photographer Ontario

The Shaft Service Leader takes her time to inspect all her PPE and safety equipment before stepping into her work area.  Safety First is the #1 rule in every employees job description.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer
James Hodgins is a mining/industrial photographer based out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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