Turning The Uninteresting Into A Distinction | Mining Industrial Photographer

A few weeks ago I had a session with Signature Group‘s client Schauenburg Industries to create images for their newest marketing materials on their new line of Fiber Glass Ducting.  It can be a bit challenging to create images with impact for certain products at times but it’s never as hard as photographing Bricks for a brick catalog (The most boring thing I have ever had the pleasure of photographing lol).  Signature Group did a great job with a fast turnaround time for Shauenburg and I just received this email.  Always nice to see the finished product.   

“Hey James – just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your outstanding work on the Schauenburg shoot. I know it isn’t the sexiest thing to take photos of, but the client loved how everything turned out.”

Andrés Rodriguez | Creative Director 
Signature Group | Showpro | CUBE – Credit Union Brand Engineering

One Custom Photography session with Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins accompanied by a Professional Marketing Firm can give you results that speak volumes above your competitors marketing materials.  Can you get photography cheaper?  of course you can, you can get everything cheaper…………..but it’s cheap for a reason.  



How Dirty Is It? | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I often get asked how dirty is it working underground. It’s Dirty.  Very Dirty.  In fact,  it’s the dirtiest environment I work in.  I mean, you are surrounded by dirt, all around you, above and below.  You touch something, you get dirt on you.  Dust particles are flying around everywhere, water could be dripping and sometimes the air is so humid you sweat just thinking about it.    The camera gear takes a beating (never remove a lens from the camera when underground), my light stands get caked with gunk, my ThinkTank Bag has gone through multiple wheels and let’s not mention what happens if something falls into what I like to call “The pancake batter puddle” LOL.    In the end though you learn to deal with the situations that arise while on the job and while 200ft below the surface is no different than 2000 ft, each shoot is exciting and challenging at the same time.


I Have Mined A Lot Of Clients Over The Years | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

As I was looking over the guest lists for the upcoming PDAC Tradeshow I noticed a lot of familiar names that have now become my clients.  I would like to take this opportunity with this post to thank all of you for your business and support.    I have had a plan all along when I made the transition to Mining/Industrial/Commercial photography but it would not have been a success without all of you and your continued support and promotion of Mining Industrial Photographer.   It has taken me across oceans, above the ground, below the surface and in some unique and challenging environments. It is never a dull moment.   Thank You!


Hey, I saw that same photo on 3 other booths today | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I know that stock photography is readily available and it could be useful when in a tight deadline (unless you create your marketing material a year in a advance) but why would a company want another companies image on their marketing material?  On several occasions walking through industry trade shows I have  seen the same image on several different booths.   Shouldn’t the images in your marketing material be of your company? Your employees?  Your products and services?  The cost of stock photography to cover the companies branding usually ends up costing more than hiring a professional photographer to create custom images of the company. Your company!  I always wondered if the people working the trade show booth get embarrassed when someone asks them who the person is in the picture and they reply “Oh.  That’s just a stock photo”.  Now I know not all marketing material requires custom images and most of the time advertising companies are on a tight deadline and need something fast, but, if time is available I do encourage to seek out a professional photographer for their photography needs.


PDAC 2017 Are YOU Ready? | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

PDAC is coming up fast.  In fact it’s just around the corner with less than a Month away.  Do you have all your materials ready?  Your booth up to date?  All your marketing and published products on hand printed and ready?  When I browse the trade show will I see the same stuff you had the year before? Maybe the year before that?  Is it time at last for your company to maybe update some of your materials so you have a fresh new look for this years Conventions or is your nose to the bucket still digging the same old dirt?

See you all at PDAC 2017


The Miners Son Restaurant | Mining Industrial Photographer

In the past I have done a lot of food photography for different restaurants and ad agencies so it was a lot of fun to photograph some delicious subjects (food) a few weeks ago at “The Miner’s Son Restaurant and Lounge” located in North Bay Ontario. Owner Nicolas Gignac is indeed “The Miners Son” and is also the head chef bringing forth his unique culinary creations.  If you or your company is traveling through North Bay Ontario make sure you stop in and say hi.



I Wont BS You Just To Hire Me | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

It doesn’t matter what product or process your company is manufacturing  I can create unique images that convey to your clients  the standards and professionalism your company is known for.  Again and again I flip through industry blogs, ezines & magazines and the photographer in me screams a thousand deaths as I see sub par cellphone snapshots used to promote their companies.  It reminds me of brides that spend hundreds of dollars on their wedding shoes but cheap out on the photographer that will capture their hopefully once in a lifetime special day hahaha.

If you are unsure about using a professional photographer, or you are not sure if you need an updated photo library for your company just ask a professional.  I will tell you the truth.  If I think your images are high quality that get the job done then I won’t BS you just to hire me.  I will however give you an honest critique and a timeline on when you should update.  You just have to ask.

James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer

James Hodgins is a Professional Mining Industrial Photographer with over 20+ years experience serving industries across North America. @miningphotog


Farming Up Some New Images | James Hodgins Mining Industrial Photographer Ontario

Yesterday morning  I found myself at the Verner CO-OPÉRATIVE RÉGIONALE  for one of my industrial clients.   I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind documenting the Agricultural Industry and learning all the processes that is involved.   As usual I like to talk to the people that are around me or watching me do my thing.   Janet here has been driving this tractor for over 25 years so of course I asked if she has ever had her portrait done while she was working in which she replied no. So, I decided to take 5 minutes and create something for her.


#ontarioagriculture #farmingontario #professionalphotography #miningphotog

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