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I always like to see my clients use the images I create for them.  Why wouldn’t’ they?  There is a reason why companies hire professional photographers to create images for their marketing materials, websites and trade shows.  Like BTI where I photographed their Scaleboss 3d scaler at the Norcat Underground Training Facility here in Sudbury, Ontario.  When your company has a new product, procedure, personnel or heavy machinery (possibly even “ground breaking” no pun intended” You need to get it into the public’s eye and in order to do that you need imagery that is visually pleasing, has that eye catching element that gives your marketing materials “IMPACT”.  

The majority of my clients are surprised how versatile my images can be used across a variety of platforms throughout their marketing campaign.  In the end the cost for high quality professional mining industrial photography pays for itself within a single image used.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask any of my clients.


Having professional images always increase the “quality” of information presented to any website, blog or ezine article.

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