Technology Finds It’s Place Near The Center Of The Earth | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Latest computer software allows industrial mechanics  to streamline diagnostics more efficiently while on site creating a more efficient workplace where time and safety are key factors.

Contact Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins to update your current (or non existing) photo archive of your company to be used in social media, magazines, websites and published marketing materials. 


Making The Mundane Look Impressive | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Last week I was at Lopes LTD in Coniston Ontario photographing their latest project.  This piece is HUGE and you can’t really gauge just how big it is so I thought I would add myself to an image for scale to show the enormity of this fabrication.  I had to add some lighting to the environment to draw your attention to the subject which could be lost with just the ambient lighting.  

PDAC is just around the corner and you should be looking at getting your marketing materials, trade show booths, and photo archives updated for this 2017 season.  It is proven that “High Impact” images attract more viewers to your social media than cellphone pics, stock photography  or amateur photos.  @miningphotog



The Miners Son North Bay Ontario | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

If you are ever in North Bay Ontario, make sure you stop by “The Miners Son Restaurant & Lounge” for some great food, conversation and atmosphere.  I have been known to do some food photography in the past, so when Nich Gignac (Owner & head Chef) asked me to photograph some plates and scene setters I couldn’t say no, especially because it is part of the Mining Industrial Industry.  

Check out their website and facebook page at The Miners Son.  


Why Would They Need Professional Pictures?| Mining Industrial Photographer


It’s one of the first questions I get asked: “What would they need photography for?” (When I tell people what I do for a living.)  Well, for one instance would be a companies “In House” trade magazine like Atlas Copco’s “Mining & Construction” magazine.  Sure they could add snapshots thatemployees have taken with their cellphones but why make a company and product look sup-par?  In house magazines are a great way to promote the company, products and the people who create them.  Sometimes the images I create are not used for a year or two later when the information is relevant to the company.  Like I say, it’s always better to have a photo archive on hand so you are not scrambling to provide High Quality Images at the last minute.

(scanned from original magazine)



Break Some New Ground In 2017 | Mining Industrial Photographer

Well it’s now 2017 and the thought of Christmas & New Years is quickly fading into our memories.  2016 was a productive year with new clients coming on board as well as updating existing clients photo archive.  Trade show season is just a few months away and I imagine some companies will be scrambling to get their booths and marketing materials organized in time.   PDAC (http://www.pdac.ca/convention) Prospectors And Developers Association of Canada is only 2 months away.

I would be happy to assist any of you if you require new images for your PDAC booth and marketing materials .


Lot’s To See With The JG 4LD | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Here is a quick sneak peak at one of the images I created this Wednesday with the Joy Global 4LD at the Norcat Facility in Onaping.  I enjoy photographing equipment when it comes straight off the productive line as it’s still fairly clean and shiny with just a hint of wear and tear from the drive in.


Contact me if your company deserves better images to showcase your products, services, people or equipment.  High impact images increase marketing potential in your website, brochure and trade magazines.

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