Lot’s To See With The JG 4LD | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Here is a quick sneak peak at one of the images I created this Wednesday with the Joy Global 4LD at the Norcat Facility in Onaping.  I enjoy photographing equipment when it comes straight off the productive line as it’s still fairly clean and shiny with just a hint of wear and tear from the drive in.


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Camese Compendium 2017 | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

Earlier this year I was asked by Dovetail Communications if I could supply them with images to be featured throughout their next edition of the Camese Compendium Of Canadian Mining Suppliers 2017 which arrived in my mail yesterday. Camese is a trade association made up of Canadian companies & suppliers of the mining industrial industry. I wish to thank all involved at Dovetail and Camese for choosing Mining Industrial Photographer @miningphoto for the cover and inlaying images.


James Hodgins is a professional Mining Industrial Photographer based out of The City of Greater Sudbury


Lost To The Snow | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

On my way back from a shoot last week I pulled over on the highway to take a quick photograph of this Winter Scene.   It was a frosty morning with a good blanket of snow on the ground and I drive past this area all the time, but with the snow covering the ground the whole area took on a different look which made me want to capture it.



If You Are Going To Be Seen Let Them Know Who You Are | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

As the seasons change here in Ontario so does the apparel I wear on the job site.  Recently I started wearing my Green Custom High Visibility Vest manufactured by Ago Industries.  I photographed their facility and processes a few years ago and as a thank you they made me this High Visibility Vest to wear on my shoots.  I have had it tucked away as I tend to wear a 1 piece overall but now that the cold weather is hear and I am layering up, this vest is perfect to still keep me visible.


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A Good Image Always Has More Value | Mining Industrial Photographer

I was just browsing through the latest edition of Canadian Mining Journal and happily came across another instance where images I have created are being used in Industry Articles.  It’s no surprise as Maclean Engineering are actively using the images for social media, marketing and obviously trade magazines.  I just couldn’t picture this article having the same impact if it was taken with the Supervisors Cell phone.



The Miners Son Restaurant | Mining Industrial Photographer

In the past I have done a lot of food photography for different restaurants and ad agencies so it was a lot of fun to photograph some delicious subjects (food) a few weeks ago at “The Miner’s Son Restaurant and Lounge” located in North Bay Ontario. Owner Nicolas Gignac is indeed “The Miners Son” and is also the head chef bringing forth his unique culinary creations.  If you or your company is traveling through North Bay Ontario make sure you stop in and say hi.


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