Artistic Or Profitable

In the Mining/Industrial fields there is a fine line between an artistic and profitable image that companies use.  With image editing software at everyone’s fingertips I am noticing a lot of images that are “over processed” in post editing.  Anyone can do it, usually it’s a click of a button in any editing software or phone app.  Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, heck I have some images in my portfolio that some consider over processed (and I agree) but these images were used for a specific purpose and 90% of the time are used for my own personal motives.

What I am seeing though is entire websites with over processed, painterly, HDR images.  These might look great and I know they look amazing on your walls as an “art piece”  but it does draw away from what the image actually represents which should be an accurate depiction of your products, staff, processes and facilities when placed in your website galleries and marketing material.  Stick with the basics of good lighting, exposures and subject matter and you can’t go wrong.

ontario industrial photographer
Artistic plugin added. Great for personal use but not for marketing materials.

ontario industrial photographer2

Sudbury Mining industrial photographer is based out of the mining Province of Ontario Canada.


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