Another Day, Another Mine, Another Machine | Mining Industrial Photographer James Hodgins

I get asked the same question almost every time I am out on the job site (or when I mention I am a Mining/Industrial Photographer).  “What do the companies use the images for?”  I try to explain to them the many different forms of media that my images may be used for and why it is important for these companies to have high impact, visually pleasing images.  Some companies hire me per project while other companies have me on hand for 1 to 3 years to capture all the below photography requests.

These are the main reasons why I get hired for mining industrial photography.  Companies are now learning that stock photography and iphone images are not ideal for portraying the professionalism of their company.  When trying to market their service or product they require images that draw your attention, show a lot of detail and don’t look like every other generic photo on the market.

For more reasons why you should hire a Professional Photographer to create images for your company see my top 10 reasons page here.

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