A Picture Is “NOT” Worth A Thousand Words

It could however be worth THOUSANDS of dollars. When you are trying to showcase your product, process, or facility words can only go so far to paint the picture.   The more visual insight you can give your clients is never a bad thing but I do see a lot of mistakes when industry companies use photography to promote.  Mistakes like using amateur photos from cell phones or old outdated photographs.  Even using stock photography with people and products that have nothing to do with the company.

Your marketing material should be constantly updated and this includes the images used to promote your company.

Lighting, composition and adding employees can increase the impact of a photo.

mining tradeshow
Update your photography for your website and marketing materials on a regular basis

mining photos
Which image do you think has more impact for marketing materials?

sudbury photographer
I get asked a lot of times how my images are being used with mining/industrial companies.
view this page for more information


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