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Do you want to hire a photographer that has no experience with working on a mine site? How about a photographer that has no idea what the term PPE means?   No certifications in safety?  Or do you want to hire a photographer that is professional, knowledgeable and works safe throughout the job.  Has over 10 years experience photographing  mining industrial  scenarios and over 20 years of photography experience.  Has all proper PPE and doesn’t need to be babysat while on the job site.

Experience in the Mining & Industrial sectors has allowed me to develop a style that is respected by my peers and my Mining/Industrial Clients.   I strive to create images that will stand out when used in my clients marketing materials and website to give them  that extra edge and WOW factor that their company deserves.   This website is just a small sample of images and publications that I have been involved with over the past several years.

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“There are just some things you shouldn’t use your Smartphone for! Image is vitally important and therefore any company photo’s & industrial portfolio should depict that “splash” of quality only a professional can capture.

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James Hodgins (@miningphotog)

Phone: (705) 561 3686 or Email info@miningindustrialphotographer.com 



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